Your assets. Now liquid.

Melt is a credit card backed by the things you own.

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your assets

You link your bank and investment account. We give you a credit card backed by money that’s already yours. As a result, you get really (like really) low rates. It’s that simple.*

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More interesting, less interest.

Unlike most credit cards that want you to pay interest, we want to help you avoid it. Use the Melt app to plan ahead and stay on track with payments to make sense of interest as it’s happening.

We hate
fees too.

Annual fees, application fees, over-the-limit fees — you name it, we got rid of it.

YASS to credit building and wealth creation!

Use your Melt card rewards points to buy more stocks.  We’ll help you build your credit, make better decisions and acquire more assets. Stack that paper.

A little about us

Why does Melt exist?

Melt’s mission to make credit accessible and reasonably priced for people with less credit history.

How will Melt work?

It works like any other credit card, but there’s a plot twist.

First, we need to verify your identity (let’s make sure it’s you, right?)

After that, you connect your primary bank account to Melt, tell us a little about your financial situation by connecting your investment accounts directly and we estimate your credit line and APR. We look into a combination of your credit score, regular income, spending, savings, and investment data to make a better decision about how much we can lend you.  The majority of credit card companies will only consider your credit score which gives them an inaccurate view of your financial situation.

It could help you qualify for a better credit line, even if you've never had credit. It also allows us to keep the rates really low.

Is Melt a secured card?

Yep. With Melt we use your investments as a security, which means you can keep your money in your investment account and enjoy access to low-cost credit simultaneously. There are no up front cash security deposits or hidden fees. Win-win!

Is Melt live?

Not quite! We’re hard at work building what we hope is the best credit card you’ve ever seen. Give us your email above and we’ll keep you posted on our progress. Follow us on social for more!

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We don’t like small letters, here are some large ones 😉:

* Subject to credit approval. While we believe the rates offered on your Melt credit card will be lower than what you might receive through other credit cards, we cannot guarantee it. The Melt credit card is not yet available for issuance. As such, it may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Melt, Inc. is not a bank. When it becomes available, the Melt credit card will be issued by an issuing bank.